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Board Services

Most companies spend much time and many resources finding the right talent, but very little effort in developing a top performing board of directors or evaluating the board's performance.


Recruitment of board members

Very often a company need supplement or need to add new competencies to their board of directors. We can offer professional screening and search process for specific skills, personalities, local/international competencies or what you board might need. We always handle board recuitment in terms of your strategy and vision.

We contribute to more diversity in top and board management and secure that all our candidates have significant board experience with the right skills and knowledge about your industry.

We have a partnership with SelectionF that builds bridges between female candidates and the modern boardroom. SelectionF mediates the contact between competent and experienced businesswomen with companies and corporations, who wish to move with the times. SelectionF operates across the entirety of the Nordics.

Board Evaluation

A board and its board members need to be challenged – a.o. in respect to the board structure that is defined, the way to hold board meetings and, decision-making etc.

Good board work demands a focus on the cooperation and the development hereof at the board and it requires that the right competences are present and appropriate for the strategy of the company at all times.

We assist boards, represented by the chairperson or the owners, to define the board work challenges and which topics the board is highly performing on.  

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Executive Board Education

Many top executives have the desire to make contributions to other organisations using their unique knowledge and experience. Together with our partners and highly experienced board professionals, we provide Executive Board Education in selected countries.

It is a tailor-made board programme designed to equip executives with the right tools and knowledge to achieve board management success. More than 300 executives have already successfully completed the Executive Board Education.

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Future of Leadership
Enhancing organisational performance with communication

Mergers and acquisitions are on the rise, and with good reason. The current economic climate positions M&A among the few reliable strategies to achieve growth.

But the M&A route is one many business owners are neither willing nor able to consider. Fortunately, there are a few extremely effective internal strategies to improve organisational performance.