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We find exceptional leaders

The next generation of leaders will shape the business world of tomorrow and they are already in high demand today.

We master the discipline of finding the right people – leaders with the right skill set, mindset and experience to match your company’s DNA. What’s more, we can establish the framework to ensure long-term retention and help you build a diverse and inclusive culture.

Our executive search is characterised by a thorough and unique search process, combined with market-leading assessment tools and techniques as well as rigorous selection procedures, case-building assessments and reference checks. 

Our unique search process enables you to define the talent needed to inspire and transform your organisation to meet future expectations.

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At Birn+Partners, we aim to be your trusted advisor. We are eager to help you find, evaluate and develop talent, and design the right organisational structure and culture to achieve your business goals.
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Effective employee retention strategies

The COVID-19 pandemic was the catalyst for an employee exodus of unparalleled magnitude. Some have even called it "the biggest crisis in the history of HR" and they're probably right.

The mass departure of millions of employees spanning every industry and reaching every corner of the globe has been so significant as to warrant its own moniker: The Great Resignation.