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Onboarding the first 100 days

Have you ever wondered why some managers are able to make a huge impact in a short time yet others never achieve success?

Ideally, we expect highly skilled leaders to make an impact from day one. In the real world, however, there are many obstacles and few second chances.

The first 100 days in a new position are critical, whether it is an internal or external hire. With our FIRST100 programme, we prepare new leaders for their upcoming roles. We ensure they understand the company culture, know the key stakeholders and their personalities, grasp the success criteria and strategic direction of the organisation, and are intimately acquainted with the potential pitfalls of the job and properly equipped to avoid them.

FIRST100 is a customised programme that provides your new leader with the knowledge and insight normally gained over 365 days in only 100 days. In short, the programme optimises integration, ensuring your new leader adapts and becomes a fully contributing member of the organisation – faster, better and with fewer problems.

Advantages of FIRST100 programme:

  • Accelerate performance and the ability to execute
  • Optimise the understanding of roles, responsibilities and DNA
  • Facilitate the new leader’s ability to contribute to the new role
  • Bridge the gap between different expectations from stakeholders, management and organisation
  • Provide team assessment for better dynamics in the management team
  • Include individual coaching and mentoring that increases the new leader’s comfort level in the role

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Onboarding FIRST100 is always tailored to the leader and your organisation.

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