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Join us means more than just joining a company; it means becoming part of a community and ecosystem designed to support your growth and success.

Join us means more than just joining a company; it means becoming part of a community and ecosystem designed to support the new employee growth and success.

At the heart of our organisation lies robust support functions that empower our employees to excel in their roles. From comprehensive service concepts, marketing campaigns to unified systems and templates across geo-borders, ensuring that every aspect of our operations is optimised for excellence in the consultant’s work.

Our internal academy and B+Forum serve as a hub for continuous learning and development, offering a diverse range of training sessions to stay ahead of the newest insights.

Of course, we also have a lot of fun in our day-to-day work and meet online to talk to colleagues. Once a year, we come together for our conference, packed with daily activities and social events. It is a time where all colleagues come together and have a blast.

You are not just joining a company

We believe in offering more than just a job – we provide a platform for personal and professional growth where employees thrive.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond competitive salaries; we cultivate an environment where freedom, flexibility, collaboration, and inspiration interact seamlessly together.

We represent 50/50 women and men, +10 nationalities aging from 26 to 72 years old.

With a diverse team spanning borders, our culture of teamwork and collaboration knows no bounds.

The core of our culture sharing every aspect of our business are our values. We have 4 guiding principles:

We have many ideas and we should follow and test them all. Only this way we can keep developing ourselves and the company and stay attractive for clients.

We speak our mind and give advice. We say no to obscure deals. We are able to interest our clients in our capabilities by representing trust and authentic advice.

We carry each other always. The experience of quality with one consultant is the clients’ reference of the entire company. We must make sure we always are in sync with our values and quality and deliver added value.

We have marketing and business support, academy training, best practice templates for all purposes to secure and align high quality standard.

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