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We are specialised in Practice Teams

Our clients need to attract global talent in highly specialised and complex industries. To meet this need, we offer our services through industry-focused practice teams.

Each team consists of hand-picked experts – international consultants who have advanced knowledge of your unique industry and market.

For each new assignment, we identify and appoint the ideal practice team to focus on developing your organisation.

With unrivalled industry insight and knowledge, we have cultivated the skills and references to help you attract and retain top talent and develop your organisation’s structure and culture.

In short, we find the talent you need to reach your business goals.

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Meet our consultants

At Birn+Partners, we aim to be your trusted advisor. We are eager to help you find, evaluate and develop talent, and design the right organisational structure and culture to achieve your business goals.
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Who monitors your industry

As your eyes and ears in the market, we do more than just monitor broader market trends. Our practice teams continuously monitors all aspects of your industry to help you find the right talent to secure your organisation’s future.

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